Animate and inanimate nouns (2)

Now take a look at the following sentence:

 The dog wrote a best-selling novel.

 Again, there’s something strange here. We know that dog is animate. However, only a special type of animate noun has the ability to write a best-selling novel: a human noun. The following sentence is fine, since teacher is a human animate noun:

 My teacher wrote a best-selling novel.

 On the other hand, since dog is a nonhuman animate noun, the first sentence does not sound right.

To summarize: nouns may be human animate (teacher), nonhuman animate (dog), or inanimate (postcard).

[Glossary: ‘Following sentence’ = kalimat berikut; Wrote(lih. write) = menulis; Best-selling = terlaris;  Ability = kemampuan; Since (konjungsi) = karena; On the other hand = di sisi lain; Summarize = meringkas / ringkasan ]


Exercise 4.2

Decide if each noun is animate or inanimate. If a noun is animate, decide if it is human or nonhuman.

Sample : Chair –> inanimate

Dog –> nonhuman animate

1. dinner

2. pet

3. friend

4. child

5. spider

6. tablecloth

7. recipes

8. assassin

9. shark

10. freedom

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