Concrete and Abstract Nouns

Explanation :

Here’s an example of unusual sentence: He smelled the marriage.

What makes this sentence unusual is that we don’t generally think of the noun marriage as something that can be smelled. Some nouns are concrete: they can be perceived by our senses ,  they are things that we can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. Those nouns that are not concrete are abstract. Marriage is something abstract, so it’s odd to say it’s being perceived by one of our senses, our sense of  smell.


[Glossary: Concrete = konkret/berwujud; Abstract = abstrak/tak berwujud; Unusual = tidak biasa; Marriage = pernikahan; Smell = mencium (bau); Generally = umumnya; Perceive(d) = dilihat/dirasa; Sense(s) = panca indera; See = lihat; Hear = dengar; Taste = kecap/rasa; Touch = sentuh; Odd = ganjil/janggal ]


In the previous chapter, the nouns in exercises were all concrete nouns. Other nouns, such as marriage, are abstract; this means that they refer to things that you cannot perceive with your senses, things you cannot see, smell, feel, taste, or touch. Here are some more concrete and abstract nouns:

Concrete                                   Abstract

newspaper                                  love

heel                                             honesty

glass                                            culture

jewelry                                        mind

Tip :

Concrete nouns refer to things we can perceive with one of our senses. Abstract nouns cannot be perceived by our senses.

[ Glossary : Refer = mengacu; Heel = hak sepatu; Honesty = kejujuran; Culture = budaya; Jewelry = perhiasan ]


Exercise 2.1

Decide if each noun is concrete or abstract. (Decide = tentukan)

Sample: discussion –> abstract

1. muffin          ……..

2. violin            ……..

3. freedom       ……..

4. elegance      ……..

5. train             ……..

6. friend           ……..

7. friendliness  ………

8. economics    ………

9. dormitory     ………

10. capitalism   ………

Exercise 2.2

Which of the following words are nouns? Write ‘Noun’ if they sound like a unit, and write ‘Not a noun’  if they don’t sound like a unit. Note: The nouns below  will all be abstract nouns.


Confusion –> Noun

Interesting –> Not a noun

1. concept

2. shockingly

3. wrote

4. conversation

5. interview

6. ran

7. secret

8. her

9. death

10. job

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