Regular and Irregular Plurals (Nouns)

Usually,we pluralize a noun by adding an ‘‘ s ’’ to it, as in books (book + s –> books );  these nouns are called regular.

But there are a handful of nouns that are pluralized in other ways; these nouns are called irregular. Irregular nouns form their plural in different ways. Here are some common patterns:

1. changing a vowel : man (singular) –> men (plural), for example

2. adding ‘‘ren’’ or ‘‘en’’: child (singular) –> children (plural), for example

3. adding nothing: fish (singular) –> fish (plural), for example

4. changing ‘‘ f ’’ to‘‘ v ’’and then adding ‘‘s’’: knife (singular) –> knives (plural), for example

[Glossary: Usually = biasanya; Pluralize = menjamakkan; Handful = sejumlah (kecil); Common = umum;  Pattern = pola; Vowel = vokal (huruf) ]


Exercise 3.2

Mention each plural noun in the sentences below and indicate if it is regular (REG) or irregular (IRREG) in terms of how it is pluralized.


The women received their education at some exclusive schools. –> women (IRREG), schools (REG)

1. The doctor treated most of the patients who were waiting.

2. The geese crossed the road near my car.

3. She set a trap to catch the mice that had invaded her kitchen.

4. You will have to feed the oxen most afternoons.

5. Whenever I travel to the countryside, I see many sheep, ducks, deer, and cows.

6. Those husbands and wives lead interesting lives.

7. Her feet have grown since last year.

8. The back window of my apartment overlooks about a dozen roofs.

9. The salesmen surrounded me in the showroom.

10. Kenneth had to buy two bottles of disinfectant to get rid of the lice in his bathroom.

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