Singular and Plural Nouns

What’s the difference between cat and cats ? The noun cat is used when it refers to only one cat; its form is singular (cat ). The noun cats is used when it represents more than one cat; its form is plural (cats).Thus, the singular and plural forms tell us about number. Below are some nouns in their singular and plural forms.

Singular                   Plural

box                                boxes

bed                                beds

kite                               kites

day                               days

country                      countries

man                              men

child                            children

[Glossary : Difference = perbedaan; Singular = tunggal; Represent(s) = mewakili; Plural = jamak; Thus = sehingga/dengan demikian; Form(s) = bentuk; Bed = tempat tidur; Kite = layang-layang ]


Exercise 3

Mention (sebutkan) each noun in the sentences below and indicate (tunjukkan) whether it is singular (SG) or plural (PL).

Note : There may be more than one noun in a sentence.

Sample: They used her computer to download the files . –> computer (SG), files (PL)

1. He had a few good ideas.

2. The boys spoke in a quiet whisper.

3. The tourists greeted the queen with attitudes of respect.

4. My neighbor is a neurologist.

5. The exterminator found bugs in the office.

6. Sharks live in water.

7. Yesterday, I caught a big trout.

8. There are many beautiful homes on this block.

9. Visitors to this country must obtain visas.

10. His cousin fought in a brutal battle to free ninety hostages.

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